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  • 使用单21寸长冲程超低音单元

  • 非常高的电声转换效率(各个领域的出色集成:电学、机械和声学)

  • 世界上最紧凑、轻型的21寸超低音音箱

  • 极高的声压级(在1米距离上产生峰值声压级147 dB)

  • 由于脉冲响应非常小的起伏,能产生有深度且非常干净的极低频(23 Hz)

  • 非常巧妙的声音设计,确保最佳性能:混合波导间接辐射系统,能够完全恢复从其21寸低音单元后部发出的低频声压

  • 可以单独使用,也可以并联使用,最大限度地减少了输出和声压级的覆盖区

  • 与移动吊挂一起使用时易于运输,并非常适合用于任何固定安装

  • 无与伦比延伸到非常低的低频,没有任何由于空气高速通过而引起的湍流噪音

  • 内部支架箱体确保最大的坚固性,归功于谐振从而避免有害的 ”声染色”,  即使在相对不平坦的地面上,配有坚固平稳轮子的手推车,方便安全运输

  • Infra-Sub unit with a single 21” long excursion woofer

  • Very high electro-acoustic transduction efficiency (excellent integration of the various domains: electrical, mechanical and acoustic).

  • The world’s most compact and lightweight subwoofer with a 21” woofer

  • Extremely high SPL (147 dB peak @ 1 m).

  • Deep, very clean infra-low frequencies (23 Hz), thanks to an impulse response with a very small ripple.

  • Highly ingenious acoustic design that ensures top performance: a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation system able to completely recover low frequency sound pressure emitted from the rear of the unit’s 21” woofer.

  • Built to be used alone or in multiples, with the utmost reduction of footprint in relation to output and SPL achieved.

  • Easy transport when used with mobile rigs, and fits easily into any permanent installation.

  • Unrivaled extension down to very low frequencies, without any noise due to turbulence caused by air passing at high speed.

  • The internally braced cabinet ensures utmost sturdiness, free from harmful sound “colouring” due to resonance; an optional trolley with sturdy smooth-running wheels facilitates transport, even on relatively uneven surfaces.

  • Best application in “live” concerts of all sizes, floor mounted and combined with other units of the same type for sound reinforcement of infra-low frequencies.

  • High-quality permanent installations in theatres, clubs, indoor sports arenas; an ideal match for all Outline loudspeaker systems and vertical line arrays.

LAB 21 HS是一款适用于低频高端扩声的扬声器系统,使用一个21寸钕磁长冲程低音(6.5寸音圈)。 负载一个混合波导间接辐射系统,能够完全恢复从其21寸低音单元后部发出的低频声压,这意味着灵敏度提高了6dB(声压级)。 换句话说,在相同的输入电压下,相比在密闭箱体里的同一喇叭,在整个低频段,该系统能提供额外的6dB,平均而言,如果与号角式、反射式或带通式系统一起使用,相比同一喇叭,在低频可提供额外的3dB 。

声音是由两股气团通过单一个振膜流入产生的,这对瞬时频率的攻击速度有很大的帮助,从而产生有深度的、非常干净的低音。 作为一个完整的系统,LAB 21 HS确保了非常高的电声转换效率,这要归功于其出色的机械和声学领域的集成。 这些方面的协调以及专用功率放大器(Outline (欧浪) T Eleven)使最大的能量传输和输出功率控制完全符合输入信号的动态。 LAB 21 HS的频率范围在-10 dB为23 Hz 至165 Hz(建议最大分频点为100 Hz)。 可使用手推车确保快捷运输且有效保护箱体前部免受碰撞。 箱体表面采用特殊的优质耐磨和耐候喷漆。 16个战略定位集成把手方便运输。

LAB 21 HS is a loudspeaker system suited to high-quality sound reinforcement of infra-low frequencies. It comprises a NdFeB 21” long-excursion woofer magnet (6.5″ voice coil). Loading is a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation system able to completely recover low frequency sound pressure emitted from the rear of its 21” woofer, which means an increase in sensitivity of 6 dB SPL.

In other words, with the same input voltage, this system gives an additional 6 dB over the entire low frequency band compared to the same speaker used in a closed cabinet and, on average, an additional 3 dB compared to what the same speaker would give at low frequencies if used with a horn-loaded, reflex or band-pass system. The fact that the sound is generated by two masses of air moved by a single diaphragm, greatly benefiting attack velocity in the transitory frequencies, results in deep, very clean low frequencies.

Intended as a complete system, the LAB 21 HS ensures very high electro-acoustic transduction efficiency, thanks to its excellent integration of the mechanical and acoustic domains. The coordination of these aspects, along with the dedicated amplifier (Outline T Eleven), enables the maximum energy transfer and output power control fully respecting input signals’ dynamics.

LAB 21 HS has a frequency range at -10 dB of 23 Hz to 165 Hz (maximum crossover frequency suggested: 100 Hz). Among the optionals available, a trolley ensures fast handling and efficient protection of the front of the enclosure against impacts. The black finish is in special high quality wear and weather-resistant paint. Sixteen strategically positioned integral handles facilitate handling.

参数LAB 21 HS
 (-10 dB) 23 Hz – 165 Hz
4 Ω (min 4.3 Ω)
SENSITIVITY ref. 1W/1m* full space
灵敏度参考 1W / 1m *全空间

2000 (8000峰值)
MAX SPL - dB @ 1 m* (calculated)
最大声压级-dB    @ 1 m *(测算)
147 dB SPL (half-space)
Loudspeakers and Loading
1 x 21英寸钕磁低音喇叭,混合波导间接辐射系统
Weight - single unit 
125 kg (275.5 lb)
高度: 726 mm (28 19/32″)
宽度: 1126 mm (44 11/32″)
深度: 820 mm (32 9/32″)


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